700k_IMGP1426.JPG Les carrières d'Euville, front de taille repris par la végétationMiniaturesLes carrières d'Euville, l'ancien village
Susan Horler - Mardi 2 Août 2016 14:32
I remember visiting family here as a small child and first staying in one of a row of houses up the road on the left which have all now been knocked down. I remember getting water in a bucket and drinking it from a ladle. It was the nicest water I've ever had! I've sat on steps in a nurse's uniform playing with my cousin and walked all about including visiting the church in the meadow. On my last visit they'd moved into the big square house on the left. I can remember sitting in the upstairs bedroom listening to music. Very nostalgic and sad to see it all in ruins in my life time. I'm not that old am I? Much love and happy memories.